inner light?

29 sometimes we're the last

Peter Senge describes a bigger story in which we ‘rediscover our capacity for awe at the marvel of the living world and our fellow travellers on Spaceship Earth, without which we are unlikely to rediscover our place in the larger natural order’.*

The words we often find ourselves using for life can be practical and specific – as they need to be: work, shopping, TV, repairing the bike … .  We use similar practical and specific words for ourselves.

But sometimes we need to use bigger words and pictures to reconnect with what life is about or can be about.  And we need to use bigger words to describe ourselves.

‘The journey from fear to love is a journey we are on as a species.’**

Within this bigger story we find something which resonates with our spirit in a unique way, guiding our steps like an inner light: to do what we it is must do and to connect this to every day.

(*From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)
(**From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)

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