19 people without gaps

What if the prime and most powerful relationship in the universe is friendship?

A wise friend is worth more than their weight in gold and amazing possibilities lie within a growing friendship.

Out of the discovery that to have a friend at work increased engagement sixfold, Gallup took a closer look at the research and identified eight kinds of vital friendship:* builders, champions, collaborators, companions, connectors, energisers, mind-openers, and navigators.

We’ll proffer friendship in two to three of these ways, and our circle of friends will contain all of these qualities.

Identifying the voices, or specialness, of those we extend friendship to could be one of the most fulfilling experiences in life.  Of the things which make us uniquely who we are, Albert Espinosa shares:

‘Enjoy keeping them hidden, but enjoy it more when you show them.’**

Finding our voice then creates a “field” in which others find theirs.

Every day we have opportunities to make the world a more friendly or less friendly place.

(*Called Vital Friends, because the term friend has been devalued more recently, I offer these as ways of expressing friendship rather than as friends – we’ll have a limited number of friends, but offering friendship is a limitless commodity.)
(**From Albert Espinosa’s The Yellow World.)


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