16 life happens

Everything because life is opening more and more to us.

Everything because we have so much we can bring from within.

The world is becoming complex to the degree we’re unable to make choices and sometimes even to function healthily:

‘But having too many choices does not produce liberation; it produces paralysis.’*

We no longer walk into a job which lasts for thirty to forty years.  Instead, a working life can follow many twists and turns.

At the same time, we’re discovering there are depths to plumb in each of us, making it possible to more than cope.

My friend Alex McManus sees three shifts taking place in our near future: from outsider to insider, from above to within, and from against to with.

These movements promise to make us more Human, and, perhaps, if ignored, leave us less Human.**

What do you have?

Bring everything.

(*From John Ortberg’s All the Places to Go.)
(**From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)


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