and there’s more

14 a more important

There’s always more.

Which means more choice, but choice doesn’t come from outside but from inside us and it involves a lot of curiosity.

Even choosing not to be curious is a choice.  We can’t make each other be curious; all we can do is awaken one another to what we don’t know we’re curious about.

‘Choosing comes from the core of who we are.  When we truly choose, we have no one to blame and nowhere to hide.’*

Choosing isn’t so much about this or that.  Ultimately it’s about a future we choose to shape, it’s about bringing our creativity to the party.

You are a maker of more.

What’s your more?

‘Answers cure you; answers help you.  Asking questions makes you feel alive.’**

(*From John Ortberg’s All the Places to Go.)
(**From Albert Espinosa’s The Yellow World.)



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