addition and subtraction

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“When you create additively, complexity comes free of charge.”

In their new book, Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler highlight what’s happening in additive manufacturing with 3D printing.

Making by subtracting tends to leave large amounts of bi-product – it we call waste, I like the idea of adding wherever possible and avoiding taking away from.

Imagine a world in which we encourage people to keep adding and enhancing the abilities they already have, adding to, rather than subtracting from, life.

Pride, greed, and foolishness are the basic subtractors – imagine being on the receiving end of just one of these.

But humility, gratitude, and faithfulness are the basic components of addition.  3D layering of these “materials” lead to multiplication.  

Layer healthy humility and you produce integrity; layering gratitude leads to wholeness; and, building up faithfulness leads to perseverance.  Put these together as a multiplier and something amazing and beautiful is going to happen.

Of course, we’re each a mixture of addition and subtraction, but staying mind and heart-focused comes up with surprising results for everyone.

(*From Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler’s Bold.)

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