in this together?

14 sorry, can't talk

Over the next ten to fifteen years how Human life develops is going to be very interesting to see, even better as an experience.

‘Thinking about robots … is a way of thinking about the essence of personhood.  Thinking about connectivity is a way to think about what we mean to each other.’*

Human need and suffering will always be with us, and so will be the need to help one another through.  Technology promises to bring us together and to keep us apart.

Two stories:

Someone shares intimate details with their “friends” on Facebook.  Friends “like” their painful story, add a short “comment,” and forty six comments later has intimacy really been experienced?**

A Costco team travels from the United States to Guatemala so it can meet bean-growers and create a better system.  Not asking Guatemalan representatives to fly north is intentional, and, unexpectedly, finds the US team invited by the leader of a local cooperative leader to the mass for his son who has recently died.  Before anything else happens on the trip, the Americans sit in a church in rural Guatemala, mourning the loss of a child from the community they have come to experience.^

Which story speaks of intimacy?

(*From Sherry Turkle’s Alone Together.)
(**This story is a composite of a number I’ve spotted recently.)
(^From Peter Senge’s The Necessary Revolution.)

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