flux capacitors (and forgiveness)

22 be the capacitor

Anyone who enjoys the Back to the Future trilogy knows a flux capacitor is the crucial element to the de Lorean time travel vehicle.

When it comes to our futures, a “flux capacitor” is what ŵe create to make it possible to journey to our possible futures, and back to begin to live our preferred future in the present.

Yesterday, I found myself pondering presence, the infinite game, and capacity as important components of flux.

Presence, or being fully present now increases as we develop character and talent, the infinite game is about how we get to play out these dimensions, and capacity is what we produce – the ability to time travel.

‘Time is eternity living dangerously.’*

I connect forgiveness here because it’s a kind of flux capacitor.  Forgiveness makes it possible for deep relationships to be formed, including the friendships we’ll need for our time travel adventures – at the heart of which we find integrity, wholeness, and perseverance.

Whereas Back to the Future’s flux capacitor is fiction (though you can buy one), the other kind is readily available.

‘Friendship is the sweet grace which liberates us to approach, recognise and inhabit the adventure.’*.

(*From John O’Donohue’s Anam Cara.)

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