17 the end

Lament and reality and despair and mourning.

Not our favourite words but necessary when it comes to opening the future.

‘There is mourning to be done for those who do not know he deathliness of their situation.  There is mourning to be done with those who know pain and suffering and lack the power or freedom to bring it to speech.’*

We possibly struggle to take hold of a new future because we’re unable to let go of the past.  The future can be too alive for us to handle.  What we are able to do, how we might relate, the art we are capable of bringing is to hot to deal with.

Unless we let the past die, we’ll re-establish what we have sought to escape and the new future quickly looks like the deathly past.

I’ve recently been exploring the idea of the new prophet,** the one who articulates an alternative reality for those who struggle but are not heard.

The prophet tells me:
Life is hard: a lament;
I am not as special as I think and my life is not about me: reality;
I am not in control: despair; 
I am going to die: mourning.  

Strangely, I find myself on the threshold of new possibilities;
Life is hard, yet, somehow, it’s here we find beauty;
We’re not special or the focus, but in serving each other we’re served and feel alive;
We are not in control but we are free;
We are going to die, but first we are going to be fully alive.

(*From Walter Brueggemann’s The Prophetic Imagination.)
(**The new prophet is not abrasive, rather what she sees is expressed in humility, gratitude, and faithfulness, towards a flowering of integrity, wholeness, and perseverance, resulting in courage, generosity, and wisdom.)

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