new futures

16 making go

I believe in new futures: futures different to the ones likely to happen if we continue along the path we’ve been on for so long.

Most of all, I believe in futures for those who think that only other people have new futures.

I can’t create a new future for anyone.  Only they can do this.  And they can because they’re more amazing than they think.

But what I can do is be there with people as their future emerges.

There’s a shortage of people who’ll stand in this place and say to someone: go!

It may be that you’re the person who needs a new future, or maybe your the person who can say go!

You’re probably both, because what you’ve experienced you want to pass on to others.

You know it’s important for people to see more, but also that when someone sees a new future, there’s often an unnoticed emotional response to this, which can lead them to say no.  You then help them to see this so they’re able to go!

The new future is not an idea, it’s simply how life is.

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