come the festival

12 i wonder if the real art

‘I wonder if the real art comes when you build the thing that they don’t have a prize for yet.’*

The best way to “criticise” what isn’t right is to imaginatively and lovingly produce what is.

‘People don’t need new facts – they need a new story.’**

It’s a choice.  Instead of giving hundreds of reasons for why this is the worst (or the best) something can be at the moment, you can show me how we can set people’s stories free towards something more.

Yesterday, I found myself in the kind of conversation I love: one that digresses in all kinds of directions, producing new ideas, but also accomplishing why we were meeting.  We ended up imagining something to impact our city in a positive way and now have to see if we can make it happen; we’re creating a story.

‘True storytellers do not know their own story.’^

If they did, they’d be following a script.  Storytellers take us with them on a journey to we’re not quite sure where.  Prediction is just explanation from the future – more facts, more script.

What we need is an unfolding narrative which recognises we don’t know what we’re capable of, together or individually, and so can’t write or predict the ending.

We probably look a motley crew, but we underestimate what such a crowd of people – who know their superpowers and their kryptonite – can do with some passion and compassion.

No more facts, though; time to do.

(*From Seth Godin’s Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?)
(**From Blake Mycoskie’s Start Something That Matters.)
(^From James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games.)

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