borders and lines and crossings

11 why not colour

When I look at a road atlas covering the area where I was born (North Yorkshire), I find all kinds of symbols and lines: a broken red line conveys a national trail, a blue “sun” with rays denotes a viewpoint.

Here’s a page of symbols and signs to tell me what I will find in the area covered by the map – none of which look like this, really – well maybe the rivers.  Who’s decided this view, shown by the blue sun symbol, is better than the one ten minutes down the trail or road, anyway?

over the lines

What if so many of the lines you won’t cross don’t really exist either?

Why can’t you ask questions?
Why not take the course?
Why not have employees sit with employers at break time?
Why not go beyond giving people labels?
Why not make friends at work?
Why not colour outside the lines?

Some of the greatest boundaries are those which say this is who I am, and, that is who you are.

Our better futures will require the crossing of many boundaries – those which keep us in and those which keep us out.


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