make it so

18 to baldly go

Jean-Luc Picard captain of the starship Enterprise need only utter these words and something happens.

For the rest of us, without a starship and crew at our command, we have to find other ways of moving or making a change.  Even when we find ourselves aided by others, we must hone the abilities and habits to initiate when we are alone, when we tell ourselves “make it so.”

Edward Deci offers words which appear helpful for the creation of “make it so” people: ‘Exploration of one’s motivation can be a difficult process, and carrying out a true choice can also be difficult.  But these are the starting points for successful change.’*

To know what we must do and then to do it hardly may not seem helpful but they’re a gift.  To know what we want above everything else – from the source of our being, and to begin to do this in some way, shape or form will make it so.  Our attempts do not have to be perfect, we simply have to begin, every day, and then we’ll be surprised what happens.**

(*From Edward Deci’s Why We Do What We Do.)
(**Here’s a simple thing you can do to identify your motivation: write out a list of 100 things you love to do.  You’ll begin flagging long before you get to 100, but then you’ll catch your second breath.  When you’ve completed this, look for patterns of things: people, activities, outcomes, feelings.  You’ve begun.  Now you just need to begin the exercise, as it were, make it so.  Thanks to Alex McManus for the simple exercise.)


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