The closed mind will struggle to find the resources it requires.

The open mind is better prepared to find more possibilities.

The unprepared mind is more prone to panic.  Astronauts will repeatedly walk through all the elements of a space mission, from the journey to the craft to everything their time in space will include, so when things go wrong – and things will always go wrong – they will not panic.  Gravity is well worth a viewing.

Astronauts are trained to focus on the specific problems or obstacles they must address when something goes wrong.  Panic blurs everything with emotion and they would not be able to see what they must do.

I know this is something I must keep learning.  When I face obstacles, I know I can panic and I fail to see what I can do.

When I live the daily discipline of opening my mind, to see and understand more, I am providing myself with more options.

Here, then, are three preparations:

Determine not to give up too soon, or stop at the first option or solution.

Make it simple: to identify and focus on the important things rather than everything – an ability emerging from training our minds.

Go natural, be intuitive – trust yourself.  You are discovering the places in yourself you can act from.



2 thoughts on “preparedness

  1. I have the picture of Lance Corporal Jones in Dad’s Army shouting “Don’t panic!” whilst panicking. People find this funny on TV, but it’s not so funny in real life. Your analogy of astronauts brings to mind that during the Apollo 13 crisis, not only did the astronauts not panic, but the control people set about analysing the situation, largely using Kepner-Trego analytical techniques. What they looked at was gathering data on the situation, and asking the questions “What IS the situation?” and “What is NOT the situation?” Don’t panic indeed, but it does need self discipline.

  2. Absolutely, Bob. Thank you.

    One of my favourite films: ‘Failure is not an option.’ When we visited the kennedy Space Centre, one of the poignant moments for Christine was the memorial to the astronauts who’d lost their lives. As my friend Alex pointed out, there are still spaces. It is expected there will be more who, overcoming the urge to panic, will venture into space, to take our dreams to new planets. We need such people in all walks of life.

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