Some think because of who they are and what they’ve done, they deserve an invitation.  When they receive it, they can turn it down.  They’re in control.

Some never receive an invitation and are shocked when they do.  They wonder what they can bring, hardly realising humility and gratitude are powerful forces for creativity.

We’ve all been invited.  Here’s how you can check.  Find a mirror.  Breathe on it.  If the glass mists, you’re definitely invited.

There are things which get in the way, of course.  Ryan Holiday suggests these are fuel for fire-making.  This resonates with me, so, as I travel to be part of a futures mentoring community for the best part of a week, I’m going to be exploring how I can do this.  Holiday offers this from Marcus Aurelius:

‘The impediment to action advances action.  What stands in the way becomes the way.’*

What we each get a chance to do now is to extend this invitation to others.  This will be couched in a way which connects with our playful curiosity and creativity.

For me it would sound something like this: Every person has a dream within them made up of skills and passions and experiences; I can help identify and develop these.  You’ll say it in a different way and the uniqueness of this will be important to someone.

Then create an experience to go with the invitation.

Have fun always.

(*Quoted in Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is the Way.)

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