bursting bubbles

22 there's no such thing 2

When I was a child I would watch adults and wonder whether I could ever live like they were.

In many choices. I had to become an adult.  Even now I marvel at how I manage to live in this adult world.

I realise now, the journey is more accurately about becoming Human than it is about becoming adult.

Even in the 21st century, our destination is elusive.  It appears, the journey is everything, promising more discoveries.

22 there's no such thing

Adults still want assurances everything will be fine, everything will work, and there won’t be any pain.  Yet, it appears, the journey is all about risk.

Since I was at my primary school, when adults appeared like creatures from a different planet to me, the world has changed greatly and rapidly and the degree and speed are only going to increase: ‘The shape of the future is fast.’*

We’re being rushed along and don’t know what lies around the next bend  Our lizard-brain demands we find some safe bubble in which we might journey safely towards death.

We cannot become Human by living in bubbles, though.  And the maelstrom of change will increasingly burst bubbles.

I am told, if I ever find myself thrown out of a kayak or raft in a white-water river, I need to travel downstream feet first.

For those who choose to leave their bubbles behind, or who find themselves burst out from their bubbles, feet-firstness – the ability to anticipate and respond to whatever’s ahead – will be aided by three movements in our lives:

From answers to questions
From comfort to discomfort
From arriving to journeying.

(*From Alex McManus’s Makers of Fire.)
(There’ll be more added to the cartoon for today; what would you put inside the lines?)

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