18 she who dares 3
  1. a complete change of form or appearance into a more beautiful or spiritual state.
    “in this light the junk undergoes a transfiguration; it shines”

18 she who dares

Can we say this is what can happen to someone when they dare to listen to what their life is calling them to do with their passions, skills, and experiences, and when they dare open themselves to others in order to make this happen?

she who dares 2

This is not about imagining more than we can be, and it’s certainly not about imagining less – though less is where many people find themselves.

The most courageous journey a person takes can be the one which recognises, develops, and delivers who they are to those around with whom they connect.  It’s courageous because it requires vulnerability – “If this is who I really am and this is what I can do, what if I’m misunderstood and criticised when I offer it?”

I have worked with hundreds of people on exploring their talents and passions.  Some have been “transfigured” by their journey.  My hope always is this will be what each person gets to experience; it ought to be a commonplace experience.

One thing I’ve noticed, transformation rarely takes place without others.  There’s huge need for transformational and transfiguring communities, companies, and tribes to be established, which can mean beginning with one other for sharing journeys.

Why not begin one if you can’t find one?

‘Co-initiate a diverse core group that inspires a common intention.’*

(From Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.)
(Cartoon: this will slowly develop and be included in the text.)


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