causes, attractions, and influences

17 ever time

Or, causers, attractors, and influencers.

Two magnetic fields which make up our universe.

Magnetic Field 1:

‘The force of gravity isn’t a mysterious effect that leaps over infinite distances; it arises from the smooth variation of an invisible field that permeates all of space.’*

Proximity to a body of this or that size come into play within this magnetic field.

Though, every day this reality is largely invisible to us.

Magnetic Field 2:

‘One person, symbol, or prime idea can very definitely set the course of history and its meaning in one direction instead of another.’**

There is a relational field which is also largely invisible to us.  We can feel this or that way about someone or something but don’t know why.

Scientists help us to see what was previously invisible to us in the material universe.  Mindful and reflective people help us to see what is happening in the relational universe.

We are all capable of seeing more than we do right now, and when we see how we are caused upon, attracted, and influenced, we can avoid the negative and embrace the positive.  We can also become more those who  cause, attract,and influence through proximity and how we grow our lives to be bigger.

We may not have the energy to always be mindful and reflective, but we can each identify times and practices which allow us to make this journey, becoming people who shape the future with foresight, intention, and love.

‘The journey from being driven by past patterns and exterior forces … toward the place that allows us to shape the future from within … we shall call the journey of leadership.’^

Whether we are leading ourselves or leading others, what we are blind to and what is invisible to us becomes our nemesis.

(*From Sean Carroll’s The Particle at the End of the Universe.)
(**From Richard Rohr’s Eager to Love.)
(^From Otto Scharmer’s Theory U.)
(Cartoon: a tribute to Helen – and so many like her – who do the things they love to do for the sake of others.)

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