23 so, where were you

I’m just not competent to remain at the level of performance which I can be proud of and protect.

There’s incompetence which is about being unable to do the work expected of us, day in and day out.

Then there’s the incompetence which is about stepping outside of the routinised and predictable in order to stretch and grow and improve, perceiving the uniqueness of a situation or person and not treating it or them as every other case.

I am good at what I do, but I want to be better.

This demands I step outside of my competence.

The necessary breakthrough we see will seldom come from within what we already know – individually, communally, or organisationally.  We have to both welcome what or who comes from beyond our context, and we also have to step outside of it towards the other.

We’ll come across industrialised worldviews in people and places we didn’t expect when we step outside of competence.  Industrialised worldviews value competence – wanting you to keep turning up and produce the same results.

Incompetency of this kind questions the way things are, the status quo, wanting better, more, different, so, if yore already there, I just want to encourage you in your personal incompetence.

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