seasons with yellow

13 in a complex world ...

Of the seasons, I prefer Spring and Summer, but I know I am a part of all the seasons and the seasons are part of me: my life has Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter experiences.

Brian McLaren suggests four seasons of experience: simplicity (where most things begin); complexity (when we realise this is harder than we thought); perplexity (when things are really tough, unjust, not right); and, harmony (when all things come together in spite of).

There are Yellows for each of these times in our lives.

Yellows are those people identified by Albert Espinosa who make a deep difference in the lives of others – more than friends. more than lovers, they may be around for a little or a  long while.

There are Yellows who help others begin things; Yellows who help us work through the bemusing complexity of life; Yellows who are their for the worst of times; Yellows who help us to bring and keep everything together in a way which flourishes and thrives.

In these ways Yellows are Makers of Fire.

Makers of Fire are people who bring heat (passion and skill and innovation and commitment) to the fuel and oxygen of individuals, institutions, cultures, tribes, and societies.*

Where there’s fire, things change, something new emerges from the flames.

We can all be Yellows, Makers of Fire, for someone.

Which Yellow are you?

(*Fuel comprises the artifacts we have inherited made up of things and ideas and people – we’re surrounded by them; the oxygen is the cultural thinking, beliefs, and worldviews.)

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