31 esme didn't realise ...

Humans are made to find meaning, and where they cannot, they invent it.

We ask questions of the world and universe and those we meet.  These many explorations and searchings are looking for meaning from beyond.

Each one of us needs to find a subjective meaning for life, and, when we do, we get a chemical kick and keep on following the trail.

It’s staggering to see the great diversity of things the Human species finds meaning in.  Each of these giving daily expression to some greater meaning we connect with.

There are many great things from beyond we can believe in.  One thing for sure is, in our searchings, we will discover more, and life keeps getting wider.

When we personalise these, give shape and express them as only we can, not only are they meaningful for us, but they hold the promise of being meaningful to someone else.


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