31 develop and grow ...

Harvests are important to Humans in more ways than one – we realise we can produce fruit from our lives as well as out from nature.*

Industrialisation has set us free from many of the vicissitudes of nature and life, but it has also held many back from what they can be.  We have traded autonomy and mastery for stability and guarantee.

Things are changing, though.  On the one hand, industries can no longer guarantee work for life, whilst on the other, we are understanding more of what every Human is capable of contributing through their lives being produces of art and goodness.

It is not with a sense of superiority we pursue this hope, but in the crazy belief there is more for me and you to do than we know in this moment, how it is possible to keep pushing further and further** what we love to be about and to keep it fresh and new.

Have a great harvest today, this week, this month, this year, this life.

(*We realise we are part of nature, but are able to step outside and begin shaping nature.)
(**I love Seth Godin’s word for this = zooming.)

4 thoughts on “harvests

  1. “Zooming” is an excellent word for it!
    Happy belated birthday, Tom. Grace and wisdom to you. May you soon be zooming again!

  2. I come back to this post now and then for encouragement and perspective. Just thought I’d thank you again for it! 😉

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