the curve of imagination

30 it was supposed to be ...

Sometimes life requires we take a practical approach which might be described as linear: this plus this plus this equals this: just use the door to get into the car, you don’t have to tip the car up it’s nose and parachute through the open hatch – as imaginative as this might be.

Other times, life needs us to take an imaginative approach which allows for a less than straight path to be taken, this times this times this produces this.  It takes a more generous view of the world: There is more than we know and all things are connected.

To foster and train our imaginations, we require opportunities to focus, to concentrate – which sounds hard and so we don’t do it.  The reality of this training can often be that we get lost in the moment, we are absorbed and energised, we are connecting with our element or purpose or bliss or passion or art,* and will often only notice this afterwards.

To allow us to follow the curve of imagination we will need to identify attractive spaces and times, create personal routines and rituals, which we can then use to move more readily into the imagining of more.  What are some you are already using and can lean into more?

(*When there’s a plethora of words describing something you know something’s afoot; so it is in our time when it comes to that thing you do.)

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