27 be curious ...

My wife Christine and I have been sorting out our house to sell.  Carpets and woodwork all cleaned and washed, appliances all sorted.  Spit spot!  There are some in our family wondering why we should go to such lengths, which got me to thinking – whilst I clipped the privet hedge with nail clippers (well, hedge shears, but small ones).

I think one of the reasons is, we want to finish well – whilst the benefits were for the next owner of the property, we valued the hidden work inside us.

One of the stories which impressed us in our trip a week earlier to the Kennedy Space Centre, was that of Apollo 13, which carried the strap line: “Failure is not an option.”

This line also works for our lives, which we get the one chance to live and which we do not want to arrive at the end of with regrets.  Towards this, we are supplied with curiosity – each one of us is curious towards something different, but maybe we’re not aware of just how this curiosity can lead to some amazing making of things.

Here are six future-orientated disciplines which can help – future-orientation is important because curiosity is about something we don’t know yet, or see yet, or have yet.

Reflection is about finding space to ponder what we observe: to notice what piques our curiosity.

Anticipation is asking more and deeper questions – not only What happens next?, but, What happens next because of what happens next?

Imagination takes us outside of our familiar worlds, the silos of what we know, so we can look at what is in new ways and innovate.

Design takes us from thinking to making – prototyping what we have in mind whether it be an item or a way of relating and befriending.

Create means we produce in a sustainable way, whether we sell what we make or give it away.*

Synchronise is about writing ourselves into the great Human story of being makerbots.

Have fun: failure is not an option.

(*Whether we make a living as a makerbot, or pursue it in our downtime is up to us.)

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