blank spaces

27 lots of blank spaces ...

The unknown areas displayed on maps were once filled with images of fearsome creatures but then came Jean Baptiste Bourguignon and his companions, and, ‘a blank on a map became a symbol of rigorous standards; the presence of absences lent authority to all on the map that was unblank.’

The blanks became spaces for exploration; as it were, spaces to believe in and then to see.  There are in existence more blank spaces than you know, spaces you can explore and make the contribution only you can make, and they may be under your nose, .

Austin Kleon advises, ‘Find a scenius, pay attention to what others are sharing, and then start taking notice of what they’re not sharing.  Be on the lookout for voids you can fill with your own efforts, no matter how bad they are at first.’

Between all the things that are happening, because of the efforts and skills of others, there are blank spaces for you to fill with that thing you do.  When you believe in them, you will begin to see them.

Don’t try and copy what others are doing, then: do what others are not doing.


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