from ego to self

the ego hates artists ...

It might sound as if they are the same thing, but they are a journey apart.

Ego’s mantra is “I in me.”  It’s me in my small world.

Self’s mantra is “I in us.”  This is my future self, and the world is much bigger, connected, and giving.

The Ego gives in to Resistance, preferring the familiar, being comfortable with the status quo, and content with the past.  So, it does not want to dream and does not want others to dream either.

The Self calls us from our future, dreams of the artist we can become, then urges us to begin, to keep moving, to fail fast and try again, and above all to love, wrestling Resistance out of the way all the way.

Key to this journey from Ego to Self is imagination, inventing many ways to live and love and produce our art; imagination uses for fuel our knowledge of who we are, our skills, and all our resources.

Without imagination we do not know who we can be.  To Resistance it is the enemy, because imagination threatens to leads us to where Ego does not want to go, to the possibility of failing, to discomfort, and to facing our fears.

Reality for many people how we need others to be imaginative so we can see the possibilities.  When we see them, then we can love them and embrace them.

Maybe your imagination, lived large, will open up the possibilities for others, whether they be many or one.

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