optimism=movement creates movement

A big word used by clinical psychologist Suzanne Segerstrom, meaning Human flourishing, or ‘being your very best self.’

But not the word I want to focus on today (I’ve scribbled it into my notebook of words I’ve not come across before and probably won’t use, entitled “Mind Your Language”).

Segerstrom identifies how wellbeing is as much a state of doing as a state of being: ‘doing things well, realising your potential, good relationships, and personal growth.’

It may sound counterintuitive, but we are most whole when we’re most giving of ourselves.  We count sacrifice for others as the greatest form of love.  The strange thing is, the giver hasn’t less love  as a result, but more.  Funny, we are more when we are least concerned for ourselves.

Perhaps three words to use as keys or ways to the emerging Human future to play with each day: doing … love … more.

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