what’s in a word?

no, really, how can i help?

A couple of things.

I hold a hopeful view of the world.

I enjoy exploring words as keys or paths to this hopeful world – especially words we don’t expect.

Words make it possible to see, to explore, to comprehend, to move.

I confess now that I’m no therapist or counsellor – they do amazing things with people I never could.

I coach some, I mentor some, but most of all I dreamwhisper – a new word, but one which sums up listening for the whispers from people’s lives, and whispering them back, focusing on the positive things in their lives and enable them to do more of the thing they do (which sometimes they don’t even know they do).  

The word I want to use, though, is wholeness.  It’s a very practical word – beyond-robust.  Wholeness is knowing we’ll never be perfect or complete, but that’s okay.  Wholeness is about knowing we have more than enough, right now, to be creative, to give, to act.  Every day becomes a quest in nurturing wholeness.

I wonder how many think they need something more, even counselling or therapy, when they need to focus on the positive in their lives and do more of this.

Which leads me to a question …

We often think of giving in some big way.  Some great task to perform.  Give everything we have away.  Be used as an emotional doormat.  But what would life be like, in the hundreds and hundreds of interactions and actions which fill our days …

What would life on earth be like if everyone gave a little more than they take?

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