the genius of in-between

the genius in-between

So many things in life are offered to us as this/that, either/or.  But there’s a third option in each of these: the /.  The in-between.

Here are three reasons for choosing the in-between:

Digital or analogue?  Some love technology whilst others hate it.  I love what my computer allows me to do, and I love my journal and fountain pen.  It doesn’t have to be either/or.  We can have both.  Austin Kleon encourages us to step into the in-between: ‘It wasn’t until I started bringing analogue tools back into my process that making things became fun again and my work started to improve.’

Making a decision now or take time out to work on the problem more?  To go for the in-between means using the time-out to look more widely than simply at the issue or problem at hand.  To look at a specific issue reduces creativity.  Why not let folk loose on the bigger issues and wider picture, encouraging them to use a wide range of means and tools, as above.

Should I find this kind of role or this position?  The in-between view would be to see that would happened if you were to mix the two, create something new.  Even if you choose one over the other, you take a load of ideas into it to try out.

The in-between is a real space for exploration, and it’s where we can prove Humans are way more creative than either/or.

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