who are you?

mirror, mirror, on the wall

Are you the same person you were 50 years ago.  How about 30 or 10?

What about yesterday?

What about tomorrow?  And how about ten years from now?

One of the facts of being Human is we change.  We just can’t help it.  I can never know you completely.  You can never know yourself completely.  It sounds weird, but you have a capacity to grow and develop that we don’t know the limits of yet.   May never.

You’re not the same person you were ten years ago.  Okay, you’ve got all these memories that suggest you are, but you’re in a totally different place now, and who you are today makes it possible to become someone else.

Where do you want to go?

Listen to your life.

What are your dreams?  What energises you?  Which of the world’s injustices grieves and angers you most? What are the repeating themes from your life?  These are some of the things which matter most of all?

Some folk have researched things like these in people’s lives and they’ve discovered they lead to vitality, dedication, and transcendence – all of which are change-makers.

A friend was sharing with me yesterday how she’s entered for a half-marathon in March.  This is more than double her present personal best distance of six miles, but I know now, she can do it.  What is required is step-by-step practice.  In the parlance of spontaneity and originality I used a couple of days ago, this is about Faithfulness.

Who are you going to be tomorrow?

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