a new common sense?

the 21st century migratory patterns of humans

Because the emerging future is going to feel counterintuitive. because it’s looking strongly like we’re going to have to move from safe to unsafe.

Or, at least, that’s how it feels.  But safe has moved – like the Land Rover Evoque owner who’ll return to their car today to find it missing.  Maybe a big car and big bank account meant you could park on a yellow line once upon a time but not this morning.  This car was being hoisted onto a truck with its alarm going off as  I ran by.

There was a time when you could ignore what you’re really passionate about and get by in life, but not any longer.  There was a time when you could fit in, go unnoticed, and everything would be okay until you retired, but even those who’ve been loyal and productive over the long haul are vulnerable.  Traditional industries are dying out or moving somewhere else and working patterns are changing – will the future see increasing numbers of people working parallel jobs?  We’re still getting to grips with the extra time technology provides us with, or, contrarily, how it makes us work harder.

The good news is, there has never been a better time to pursue your art – that is, the work of your life – paid or unpaid or a mix (there are many ways).

Maybe this is a Matrix moment for you.  It’s messy and scary and uncertain, but the most dangerous place may prove to be where you are right now.  We are most vulnerable and weak when we try to live in a 21st century world within a 20th century matrix.

We move from answers to questions, from comfort to discomfort, from arriving to journeying because the new safe is somewhere else.

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