How small is your dream?

Never be limited by the small dreams others have for you.*
Bernadette Jiwa

Are you holding yourself to, and judging yourself by, standards of productivity or performance that are impossible to meet? One common symptom of the fantasy of some day achieving total mastery over time is that we set ourselves inherently impossible targets for our use of it – targets that must always be postponed into the future, since they can never be met in the present.**
Oliver Burkeman

By dream I mean
purpose and meaning, which
I hope will be both big and small for you:
Big to sustain you for a fulfilling life,
Small so that you can give expression of it today
and every day.
If you have to keep putting it off, then
something is probably not right,
It may not be your dream.
If dreamwhispering can help, let me know.

*Bernadette Jiwa’s What Great Storytellers Know;
**Oliver Burkeman’s Four Thousand Weeks.

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