Are we doing the best we can yet?

Writ large, sociality is both a modest and an honest social bond.*
Richard Sennett

Don’t fight with people, study them.**
Austin Kleon

I was asked to sit in on an important meeting as
a listener and doodler.
The room was filled with stories, both personal and group
It highlighted for me how are greatest hope is yet found in
our capability to create new stories for solving our problems:
My own sense … is that there is something
deeply built into us that needs story itself.
Story is such a source of nurture that
we cannot become really true human beings
for ourselves and
for each other without story –
and without finding ways in which
to tell it, create it, encourage younger people
to create their own story.^

*Richard Sennett’s Building and Dwelling;
**Austin Kleon’s blog: A gratitude zine;
^Vincent Harding, from Krista Tippett’s Becoming Wise.

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