Not another “get rich quick” scheme

You’ll never run out of noticing … .*
Verlyn Klinkenborg

In Blake‘s sense, a firm persuasion, was a form of self-knowledge; it was understood as a result, an outcome, bouncy that comes from pay close attention to an astonishing world and the way each of us is made differently and uniquely for that world.**
David Whyte

We may not have many pounds, dollars, euros or yen,
But we all get to be rich in noticing, affluent
in attention, wealthy
in observation, and
when mixed with our
peculiar abilities and energy, and our
distinctive values, we’re capable of
making something extraordinary.
William Blake’s firm persuasion feels
a lot like Theory U‘s crystallising intent,
The thing we must do, and the result of
opening the mind, heart, and will,
Slowly but surely noticing more.

*Verlyn Klinkenborg’s Several short sentences about writing;
**David Whyte’s Crossing the Unknown Sea.

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