I don’t understand

I want to go on drawing with those old fashioned implements with which you can literally feel the shapes and dorms you are committing to paper – metal nibs, brushes, reed pens, quills. But today these drawings can be reproduced at any size.*
Quentin Blake

Keeping it simple in the twenty-first century involves another set of important tasks. These include decluttering our minds by switching off our devices and disconnecting from digital distractions.**
Anna Katharina Schaffner

Seth Godin writes about how ChatPDF can
instantly read and summarise a document for you;
The problem is:
It doesn’t work until we choose to understand.
Part of the magic of an actual book is that
the reader ends up understanding.
It seeps in, the aha’s are found,
not highlighted.^

But this isn’t about old versus new,
As Quentin Blake’s remark about
how technology allows his drawings to be
reproduced on a grand scale;
It’s about how the ability to use old and new smarter
will become a 21st century-defining quality.

*Quentin Blake’s Beyond the Page;
**Anna Katharina Schaffner’s The Art of Self-Improvement;
^Seth Godin’s blog: The Cliff Notes paradox.

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