The humility game

For humility is … the only effective antidote to narcissism, and all its associated evils. It is, in essence, a readiness to admit its shortcomings coupled with a willingness to learn, be that from people, animals, plants, or even machines – whoever masters something we do not. The opportunities are infinite.*
Anna Katharina Schaffner

In this game, we only get one choice. Once we are born we are players. The only choice we get is if we want to play with a finite mindset or an infinite mindset.**
Simon Sinek

Although we only have the one choice,
We get to make it at the beginning of each new day.
It can therefore be helpful to have some way of
framing this:
Meditation … –
Everybody has five minutes.^
Being honest about
who we are and
what we have and
what we can do with these,
Which is how I think about
After all,
We’re preparing for an infinite game.

*Anna Katharina Schaffner’s The Art of Self Improvement;
**Simon Sinek’s The Infinite Game;

^Dan Harris’ 10% Happier.

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