The boundary lines

Given the uniqueness of each of us, it should not be surprising that one of the greatest challenges is to inhabit your own individuality and to discover which life-form best expresses it.*
John O’Donohue

You cannot be a hero unless you are prepare everything; there is no ascent to the heights without a prior descent into darkness, no new life without some form of death.**
Karen Armstrong

I have mentioned the five elemental truths^
on a few occasions recently,
And this morning found myself contemplating their opposites,
Life should be fun;
You’re special;
Live your life your way;
Don’t give up control;
Don’t think about death.

The hero, though, is born
by completing the truths^ in
gritty yet elegant ways, until
they have the power to let go and
let come.
This won’t read like a hero to many,
And that’s the thing –
Heroes don’t look like we expect them to,
They’re just ordinary people trying to live their lives
for others.

The boundary lines have fallen for me
in pleasant places;
I have a goodly heritage.^^

*John O’Donohue’s Benedictus;
**Karen Armstrong’s A Short History of Myth;
^Life is hard; You’re not as special as you think; Your life is not about you; You’re to in control; You’re going to die;
^^Psalm 16:6)

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