The recalibration game

A well lived life without calibration is unlikely.*
Seth Godin

You choose your purpose and then you give your whole should to that purpose. In due time, you’ll transform.**
Ben Hardy

We know only too well that
the game of life isn’t one long, smooth path.
If we’re prepared to be honest, then
there’s a neat skill available to us:
Recalibrating allows us to keep on the path that matters
deeply to us.
And the five elemental truths are one way we can recalibrate :
Life is hard – what’s been going wrong; how have I been making things worse?
You’re not as special as you think – am I prepared to leave the false self behind for a more True Self?
Your life is not about you – how could recalibrating help those around you?
You’re not in control: will I accept what I can and cannot do?
You are going to die: will I allow my limitations to help me fulfil my purpose?

*Seth Godin’s blog: Re-calibrating;
**Ben Hardy’s Personality Isn’t Permanent.

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