Before we think

[P]eople all over the globe are coming to expect emotional and intellectual comfort as though it were a right. This is precisely what you would expect a generation to believe they have aright not to be offended.*
Greg Lukianoff

All the failures that we ever experience may be attributed to excessive thinking, and in particular the negative thoughts that pop up in our mind.**
Ryunosuke Koike’s The Practice of Not Thinking

Don’t get me wrong,
I like to think – and we have the saying
think before you speak, but
I can think too quickly and
excessively when
I perhaps ought to be paying attention, noticing
It’s hard because we want to
be in control –
Out-of-control is scary,
And yet it’s where we’ll make
the really important discoveries about
each other, the world, and
Now I think that what makes you alert
is to be faced by a situation that is
beyond your control
so you have to be watching
very carefully
to see how it unfolds,
to be able to stay on top of it.
That kind of alertness is

So, please,
Speak and I will listen.

*Greg Lukianoff’s Freedom From Speech;
**Ryuanosuke Koike’s The Practice of Not Thinking;
^Tim Harford’s Messy

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