From comfort to the limits

When you try to focus on something you deem to be important, you’re forced to face your limits, an experience that feels especially uncomfortable precisely because the task at hand is one you value so much.*
Oliver Burkeman

The very moments that make us go “wow!” are the very same moments that can change our lives.**
Jonah Paquette

As I read these words,
I couldn’t help but bring to mind the hopes of
Joseph Campbell and Frederick Buechner
shared in yesterday’s post,
For it is never a waste of time noticing what we notice,
Especially when this changes us –
And f it changes us
it can help someone else.
But the desire to remain within our comfort zones,
And not prod and push at
our limitations, is
often a slippery path to a
smaller life.

*Oliver Burkeman’s Four Thousand Weeks;
**Joan Paquette’s Awestruck.

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