Our lives are a process of constant discovery and invention. Each os us lives a unique human life.*
Bill Sharpe

A job is made fun not by turning it into a game, but by deeply and deliberately pursuing it as a job.**
Ian Bogost

When you bring your talents, energies, and values
to play upon the work you do,
You not only get to sing your “song,”
Others also get to hear it.
This may not be where we feel yourself to be right now,
Madeleine L’Engle shares some words on writing to help
with your song, or story:
As with all my books,
Starfish was more rewritten than written,
and with each subsequent book
the need to rewrite becomes more
rather than less.^
May it become more than work,
May it be love and live to you and those you
share it with, and,
if it isn’t there yet,
Rewrite it.

*Bill Sharpe’s Three Horizons;
**Ian Bogost’s Play Anything;
^Madeleine L’Engle’s Walking on Water.

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