The gift of boredom

Shift your mindset from hearing to listening, seeing passively to seeing intentionally, practise sharpening your five senses, and you will begin to feel a sense of fulfilment from contemplating things that may appear to be boring.*
Ryunosuke Koike

First, pay close, foolish, even absurd attention to things. Then allow their structure, form, and nature to set the limits for the experiences you derive from them. By refusing to ask what could be different, and instead allowing what is present to guide us, we create new space.**
Ian Bogost

Boredom is the enemy,
or so we think.
So we distract ourselves with our devices, and miss
the gift –
How boredom is an invitation to adventure,
To living fully in our senses and paying attention,
Noticing what we have missed,
The result of which is
endless exploration and connection.

*Ryunosuke Koike’s The Practice of Not Thinking;
**Ian Bogost’s Play With Anything.

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