Go outside, notice some things

Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.*
Mary Oliver

What we imagine to be aesthetic preferences are really survival instincts honed over millennia, instincts that helped us find promising place to forage and rest.**
Annie Murphy Paul

It is likely that whilst you read this,
You are surrounded by the harsh, straight lines or
perfect circles
of human inventions.
Beyond our walls, another world calls to us;
Listen to it in birdsong,
Here and here.
Contact with the natural world releases
oxytocins in us, reducing anxiety, yet
we must also recognise that we have adapted too well
to unnatural surroundings, even
leaving some people over-anxious when in nature; as
Viktor Frankl has pointed out:
he retains a freedom,
the human freedom to adapt to his fate,
his environment,
in one way or another^.

We can do this life, but
it’s better with some deep nature in it.

*Rob Walker’s The Art of Noticing;
**Annie Murphy Paul’s The Extended Mind;
^Viktor Frankl’s Yes to Life

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