Contents and containers

True originality in storytelling is the meeting of form and content.*
Robert McKee

Brigid challenges us to be people on our knees, that is, people midwifing new births for this moment in time. The good news is that we do not have to create the births. Our role, rather, is to midwife what is trying to come forth from deep within the human soul.**
Philip Newell

We are each capable of birthing something new;
If we follow our must
this will be the way of it.
But as well as having something worth sharing, we also require
a way to share it, else
the rest of us will miss out –
And as this is a sacred thing, we want to avoid that.
If you can’t find the right container
for your contents,
There’ll be someone who’ll help you find one, or
they have a container and are looking for some

*Robert McKee‘s newsletter: Why Content is Key;
**Philip Newell’s Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul.

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