Still in denial?

The challenge then is to have one superpower. All out of balance to the rest of your being. If, over time, you develop a few more, that’s fine. Begin with one.*
Seth Godin

We are all sculptors and painters, and our material is our own flesh and blood and bones.**
Henry David Thoreau

The early Jesuit novitiates disappeared
for thirty days to explore the
shape of their calling,
Returning with what they believed to be
the most important thing in the world to give themselves to.
During this time, they were paying attention in order to
notice their superpower.
It may not be an intense thirty days, but
deep attention to our
abilities and energies and values
is something we all can do,
And, when we notice one and begin to use it,
There’ll be more to follow.
Or course, we may still be
in denial, claiming that
we have no superpower,
So I’ll keep turning up here, every day, to remind you that
you do and that
the world needs you.

*Seth Godin’s The Practice;
**Ryan Holiday’s Stillness is the Key.

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