Let the conversations begin

Time does not pass for the infinite player. Each moment of time is a beginning of a period of time. It is the beginning of an event that gives the time within its specific quality.*
James Carse

Enough comes from the inside.**
Ryan Holiday

A conversation is not
fast talk;
We cannot have a conversation in a hurry,
We can throw words at each other quickly,
Or chat, or
have a word with someone,
But a conversation,
created by at least two people, requires
time if it is to be co-created by
equals, regardless of titles, age or seniority.
Beyond sharing information, ideas, facts and opinions,
Conversation is fed by at least two people
sharing the contents of their enoughness, being
increasingly open to surprise and to
the possibility of beginning something new together that had not been
in anyone’s mind before.

*James Carse’s Finite and Infinite Games;
**Ryan Holiday’s Stillness is the Key

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