Each of us is an amalgam of all we have loved and lost and learned, our personal successes and failures, our particular regrets, and our singular joys – and part of that uniqueness is that we think in different ways. Not all of our thinking is right or fully formed, far from it, but there it is, regardless – that flawed and terrifying uniqueness of thought.*
Nick Cave

what we practice, we become**
Krista Tippett

Just go back to the You you were
ten years ago.
Back then, you never imagined yourself
becoming who you are today, doing
what you are doing, thinking
how you are thinking, having
learned and imagined and begun
new things.
And today, you can’t imagine the You you’ll be
ten years from now,
But what an adventure you are going to have.

*Nick Cave’s blog: The Red Hand Files #197;
**Krista Tippett’s Becoming Wise.

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