Ain’t got no, I got life*

In terms of character traits, … studies have found that awe is correlated to traits like gratefulness, a love of learning, creativity, and appreciation for beauty.**
Jonah Paquette

And now to the question of the meaning of our imperfections and of our particular imbalances: let us not forget that each individual person is imperfect, but each is imperfect in a different way, each ‘in his own way’. And imperfect as he is, he is uniquely imperfect. So, expressed in a positive way, he becomes somehow irreplaceable, unable to be represented by anyone else, unexchangeable.^
Viktor Frankl

I have to wonder what will result from
our unique imperfection meeting
our gratefulness and
Any ideas?

*Nina Simone’s soundtrack for today;
**Jonah Paquette’s Awestruck;
^Viktor Frankl’s Yes to Life.

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