An inconvenient life

In the end, our society will be defined by not only what we create, but by what we refuse to destroy.*
John Sawhill

If you want a breakthrough, or something at the top of the rankings, or a skill that few have, or the chance to build something you’re proud of… It doesn’t pay to also require that it be convenient.**
Seth Godin

Awe draws us into a
bigger world and comes
with a responsibility that can feel like
Sometimes it is to make something, and
sometimes it is to preserve something –
Though often it’s way more difficult than that,
Not one or the other, but both/and _
Which is even more inconvenient.
We may think we’re just getting on with life,
But in between me and life there exists
a story:
A myth is essentially a guide;
it tells us what we must do in order to
live richly.^

An some stories are better than others;
Indeed, it’s beholden upon us to creating better
personal and social stories –
Something that comes from
a story that humans have been creating for
ten of thousands of years,
In which humility, gratitude and faithfulness are good things,
And pride, greed and foolishness are bad things:
Learning to make meaning from our life stories
may be the most indispensable but least understood
skill of our time. Paul Wong, a
meaning researcher in Toronto, calls meaning-making
“the best kept secret to the greatest human adventure.”^^

I must confess that I want wonderful things in life to
come easily, to be busy creating and
not have to worry about
But an inconvenient life may provide
the best story of all.

*Robert Macfarlane’s Landmarks;
**Seth Godin’s blog: And also convenient;
^Karen Armstrong’s A Short History of Myth;
^^Bruce Feiler’s Life is in the Transitions.

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