You step into a kind of magic circle when you start writing, and you step into a magic circle when you start reading. When I step into the portal, I am not sure what’s going to happen. That’s why I keep coming back. I step into the portal, and, no matter how tiny the distance I travel, when I return, I’m changed, even just a little bit. You step into the portal to discover what you didn’t know you were looking for.*
Austin Kleon

My hope is to bring some new words into
the life of another,
In return, I hope
for some new words that will
leave me changed.
These are gift-words;
You will have yours to share and
I will have mine,
And when we bring them together, something
quite exquisite
may occur.
When it comes to capturing what has been discovered,
I ask the dreamwhisperer to use
their own words.

*Austin Kleon’s blog: Stepping into the portal.

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