A question of more

We are the ones who must answer, must give answers to the constant ‘life questions’. Living itself means nothing other than being questioned; our whole act of being is nothing more than responding to – of being responsible towards – life.*
Viktor Frankl

It was Viktor Frankl who revealed that
it is life that asks questions of us about meaning.
I believe we are each very capable of responding
imaginatively and hopefully in
kaleidoscopic ways.
In a recent conversation I felt I needed to share how the kaleidoscope twists for me:
That people are amazing and
should have the opportunity to know why,
Then releasing this in only the way they can,
And to keep releasing more,
As Seth Godin encourages:
Now all that’s needed is more.
More time. More cycles, more bravery, more process.
More of you. Much more of you.
More idiosyncrasy, more genre, more seeing, more generosity.
More learning.**
Or as Francine Prose urges:
The challenge is to keep doing something different,
something harder and scarier in every way than the thing you did before …
to do something more difficult each time.^
This kind of more is not about getting more but
giving more,
And it is hard work being amazing, but
it is what life asks of us.
We don’t know how much more we have until we use it.

*Viktor Frankl’s Yes to Life;
**Seth Godin’s The Practice;
^Austin Kleon’s blog: Stepping into the portal.

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